As we had the discussion about Twitter in class I thought a lot about what it means to use Twitter or even a social media. How does on get their face out there? I have used social media for years and I actually had a twitter back when Twitter was in its infancy and you could only have an egg for a profile picture. I know I’m just so old. Although that egg picture still exist to some extent twitter has hatched into something completely new. Twitter can provide us with valuable insight about people’s lives business projects or even links that may be useful to us for to find information on topic relatively unknown. As I type this, my father sits next to me on his iPad, something he has just recently learned how to use. I looked over at the article he was reading, no doubt about something car related, and there on his screen was a screen-captured tweet from a relatable source. Has twitter ingrained so much that even my father reads about it on his online articles? I think so. I think back to the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” and how our brains are beginning to change. Our brains can only do certain things for a certain amount of time before we need to check the notification or, you know, your DH Twitter. Twitter provides use with 140 character news story that works with the way we are beginning to think about our culture. But how does one’s tweet get to the articles that dads read?

I think tweets travel if they make influence on someone or a group of someones much like when a book or theory becomes popular. Admit it, The Twilight Series made a huge influence on you whether good or bad. Tweets or most social media posts have become just as big as influence on us as books do. So how do I become the much-desired “Twitter famous person that one longs to be? Make an influence. Retweet the sh** out anything you find interesting use those hashtag. You are sharing information. Though I only have 7 followers on one Twitter account and 77 on the other, making connections is the first big part about becomes an influencer on Twitter. I sue to be very frugal about who I follow on most social media reserving it only for friends. But as the internet has expanded and we understand the nature of it a little more, you need to connect woth the starngers that share the similar thoughts about. Or for you Tumblr people follow people who share the same aesthetic as you. Mine is video games-stars-funny-quotes. (I know, get on my level.)

As we begin to discover out interests we need to continue the discussion. As soon as I followed a DH Blog they sent me this:

A tweet from a trending DH Twitter

Then their partner twitter retweeted that and that’s the type of Twitter that we need to begin employing as we tweet. Of we see something worth noting we need to send it out to the world or follow them so others follow us and then we follow them to create our own twitter sphere.

As a special treat a #TeamInternet famous and YouTube personality infamously liked and unliked my tweet about his book and I screen-captured it so I could remember this forever. I then tweeted about the happening and gained, I think, two followers on my personal account. Progress is progress.