Here We Go!

I am so excited to start this course and the first of sorts to go through the course. I tend to be pretty tech savvy. I think about music a lot and characters from books. I think about the song “Alaska” by Sky Sailing (Adam Young aka Owl City) a lot and the thought of travel and movement throughout life and what home usually is. I read some books Transatlantic by Colum McCann and Goodbye to Berlin by Christopher Isherwood and the movement caused within these novels and the idea of what home is as we move. The idea of movement intrigues me and moving the Humanities into a digital space seems like a good way to satisfy some of these movement cravings. I don’t really know what to expect from this course but I trust Sarah because at this point this is my fifth class with her and I find a lot of inspiration through her ideas and ventures. So here we go!

Embarking into Digital Space

To the students enrolled in ENG 395: Digital Humanities Playground, Welcome! You are about to embark upon a truly fresh learning experience in which you’ll be encouraged to think differently, ask a lot of questions, try out new ways of representing your ideas, and above all, play. Over the next 16 weeks, you will read deeply and broadly about the genesis of the Digital Humanities, its prominent debates, and its evolution into a trending field. You’ll explore existing DH projects, some of them large, some small, some famous, some fledgling. You’ll develop skills in visualization and non-linear narrative formation. You’ll grapple with concepts like distant reading, interface theory, and tagging as cultural, political, social critique. You’ll collaborate. You’ll build something.

Our course blog is not only a space for course policies and the schedule. It is your space for writing about what you’re learning, what challenges you’re facing in working digitally, and what ideas you’re developing. It is also your space for communicating with each other through comments about these processes. Digital Humanities practitioners believe in sharing their work and ideas out in the digital open, and in this spirit, I’ve kept this site open to the public. Much of what you do in this first-ever DH course at UNC will be helpful to students in the future, not just at UNC, but at many other institutions as DH in the classroom becomes more common. So, let us embark on our digital space journey and see where we end up!

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