An idea that I thought over spring break was what content is truly ours anymore? Whenever I go on Facebook or Twitter someone has taken a popular video and edited it to match there style of content. Usually I see a white framing of a video that was taken from Twitter and originally from Vine. Or sometimes I’ll see a piece of content that is so heavily edited that you can’t even see the original content! What does that mean for DHers trying to post original but accessible content? Is anything truly ours anymore? I think this goes back to what we have talked about earlier. What happens to putting information out into the universe if it’s already been said and done? All of the unique experiences that we think are singular to us turns out someone has already posted about that same experience on Tumblr. I usually hit reblog without a second thought but now that I think about it deeper I feel as though our lives are already being lived by someone who has done it first. Even as I am watching a cartoon show right now they are showing a case where the idea of a viral video makes its way to the news and how it can spiral out of control so that everyone is stealing the original content idea. That frightens me but somewhat excites me as well. 

Luckily for us all of the content we could want is available digitally and we can do reader has or find a store or plan a trip used on the resources that someone has programmed for us. No more going to a public library to find that obscure article about TS Eliot’s “The Wasteland” a quick search and I can find it. No longer do we need physical maps when multiple applications can tell us where to go and how to get there.  And we can begin our own content creation or ideas around that.

 Where do we go from here? How do we continue to be happy with or content? How do we continue to make our own content? I think we can use content provided for us to develop our own and although not every single aspect of what we create may be brand new, we are still contributing to the knowledge already provided. 

In other news and something I’m really proud about. One of my favorite content providers Grace Helbig liked one of my tweets. I think she puts out unique content out of ordinary ideas. Her podcast is my favorite and she consistently works with cross content, usually social media favorites, and discusses about the Internet and being in the spotlight and how she can make her own content unique and special. I want my content to be unique to me even if it’s not the newest ideas or thoughts. I can still contribute.  

Check out her podcast Not Too Deep at nottoodeep.com and Grace Helbig on YouTube. Her newer podcasts have more content based like I talked about some of the older ones not so much. Check her out. #shamlessplug