The journal that I looked at was Digital Scholarship in the Humanities. It seems like this journal is pretty accessible for everyone looking to learn about Digital Humanities and it’s many incarnations. Though I think there is some sort of subscription through a university that is necessary. That could be because of the connection through the Oxford University Press.  I thought this quote was interesting that I found on their about page, “ but not limited to, the field of what is currently called the Digital Humanities.” This seems to imply because of the constant changing nature of DH that this name may not last much longer. I thought that was interesting. Though their site is interesting their navigation and interface if pretty terrible to figure out.

This site was very hard for me to navigate. I didn’t even know if I was on the right website because it is part of the Oxford University Press website so find the main page of this website was pretty challenging for me. It’s pretty plain looking and seems like the site might still be under some development because there are only two volumes listed. This year only has one issue and it’s for April. The issues also start 30 and I couldn’t find the previous 29 very easily. I am thinking that it is an extension of an older journal? Although a feature I really liked is the latest and the “Most Read” section. Also that the articles have a data section where you can see how the people who have submitted go there information from. I think that’s something useful to tell us who is reading what and what is trending in the DH community on this website and how people got their information. This is part of the submission process.

The submission to this website it seems pretty simple it can be done online or a paper copy and it provides the necessary instructions to do so. If someone wanted to submit their work it would seem as though they set up a great way to get work into this journal.

Though the submission site is nice and provides a simple way to put the submissions out there. This site is not overwhelmingly appealing. It’s hard to navigate and is really blocky. However, this may appeal to more audiences because everything is large and pretty easily labeled. But I still think it’s a little difficult to navigate and even find the articles. It took some clicking around before I figured it out. But after all this clicking I found a good article that will help me in my future.

The article I chose was about how to teach in the online classroom. I want to be a teacher and I thought it was an important to look at the online classroom. This article discusses the many factors that influence the online classroom. And as we move more toward technology this is becoming more and more of a reality that the classroom is going digital or even partly digital and as this becomes more of a reality the more we need to look into information about how to make it successful.