Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy

Kairos is a journal that has a wide readership. It has been around since 1996 with all of the issues still available. There are about 45,000 people worldwide that read Kairos. The journal focuses on rhetoric and writing in digital spaces. They cover a variety of topics that center around teaching writing and rhetoric through Digital Humanities. The editors emphasize the importance of technical DH pieces in their articles.

The site itself is easy enough to navigate. The main content on the site is the current issue. The homepage is the table of content page for the articles that are in the issue. The rest of the links that you would need are easily found at the top of the page. The site seems pretty usable without any broken links. The webpages load quickly and work really well. The navigability of the site could be improved if the links opened in a new tab, but it is not too distracting.

The aesthetic of the site is simple. The colors are calming, and the simple design adds to easy navigability. The design does not seem to fit with the type of articles that the editors are trying to recruit; however, the ease of use does help offset that. The readership of Kairos has been around for 20 years, and the simple design makes it more accessible for all users.

The submission process for Kairos is slightly more complicated. Kairos publishes a variety of article types, and each article type has its own list of requirements. They each have a different submission email address. The process is slightly more complicated; however, they do explain the differences between the types of articles well enough that it is not confusing. The different types of submissions allow people to be able to submit multiple articles per issue. Most of the articles are co-authored, so they welcome and celebrate collaboration.

Overall, Kairos offers a very interesting perspective of the DH world. They are an organization that has been around for 20 years and promotes development of the discipline. They have evolved as an organization to welcome and join the DH community. They still have their old issues on the site. The older issues still work without dead links. Kairos is a journal that is well-maintained and updated. The content is interesting with a focus on how to teach the discipline of DH. It is definitely worth checking out!

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