Passion and Enthusiasm

The very nature of Digital Humanities means that it is easier for members of the DH community to connect with each other. DH takes place on the internet, and with email, text messaging, Twitter, Facebook, etc. it is possible for people all around the world to talk about DH with each other. So, why have a one-day celebration to build that community?

Day of DH not only facilitates the building of that community, but it encourages it. Day of DH, from what I experienced, provides a reason for people to connect with others in the community just because they are passionate about DH. There isn’t the need to find someone to collaborate with a specific purpose. The members of the DH community can network and connect with people on a day that is celebratory. Everyone that participates in Day of DH feels passionately about DH, and that is clear.

I thought it was interesting that the blogs were all “Day in DH” themed. It was a bunch of blog posts of people sharing what their day in the field of DH looked like. This was a fascinating insight into what it looks like for people who work in DH. This class has given me a lot of insight to the theory and to some aspects of the community, but it was really interesting to see what a typical day looks like for some of these DHers. There were posts from people in a Spanish speaking country, people from all around the country, etc. This really shows how beneficial Day of DH can be for the community. Everyone can gain access to what it’s like for other DHers. They have the ability to see what projects other people are working on, see what work is like for them, and see how different people approach DH. Letting other DHers into their lives strengthens the community.

When a field of study is focused in the digital space, it’s important to remember that there is a community involved. The DH community actively tries to remain connected and be collaborative. Day of DH allows DHers to see what other DHers are working and to connect with people they might not already know. The connections made on Day of DH help keep alive the community and the collaborative nature of DH. Day of DH celebrates the aspects of DH that people love: the innovations, the connectivity, and most importantly the people. DHers, for the most part, seem to be very enthusiastic and passionate about their discipline. It is hard not to get excited about DH and the community around it when you see that amount of passion. Day of DH is the perfect outlet for DHers to display that passion, and it really is a powerful, supportive community. Day of DH may open up the doors for new DHers to become even more involved in the community, and that is a beautiful thing.

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