Connecting with Community

So, I’m sad that I missed participating in Day of DH on Day of DH because class, but I’m sad that I missed it just because how connected all these projects felt reading through them. Even with all of the blogs I read being entirely separate projects or tasks, there was still this overwhelming sense of community and closeness in the idea of there just being a whole day dedicated to DH.

And I really just love this idea of something as simple as a dedicated date making so many people come together. It’s part of the reason I really want to get into livestreaming myself, in that I can foster that feeling on the Internet. In hosting events in games or on my channel, I’ve enjoyed being part of this goal of bringing a bunch of people with maybe limited similar interests together just to celebrate the idea of community. And that’s what Day of DH, granted some days later, felt like. This but massive celebration of a diverse interconnected community.

And, that’s kinda the point, isn’t it? Even if we all have absolutely nothing else in common, we have this. We have this idea of wanting to make things better in the digital space. And maybe today it’s Day of DH. Maybe in a couple years this kind of thing will be a quarterly event. And then there may just be spontaneous eruptions of DH celebration. And in the long run, I really want to be part of that.

I’ve watched and helped foster some of these kinds of things in gaming communities. It’s an amazing way to watch people make new friends, renew their interest in a game, or look at something in a totally knew light from just some offhand comment or joke made at a totally nonsensical party. And in a field where we’re constantly striving to be constantly connected, that feeling would blend so well into what we’re already trying to do in digital humanities. Where we’re working to try and remove the barrier people seem to have about the person on the other side of the screen not really being human. This made, I guess in a way no other assignment as done, made DH feel like it was about being human and being connected to other humans.

That’s why I livestream. That’s why I have my channel. And all my blogs. And my mod responsibilities. All of it, to try and bring people together. And even if there was no one else posting on Day of DH today that shared that interest, there were so many people reaching out with the exact same intentions. It’s things like that that make you feel like you’re part of a whole and not just a rambling individual on their own blog.

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