Bethany Nowviskie provides an approach to DH that can seem unusual. At least it was to me. She speaks of limits to the Digital Humanities world. And here I thought of it as endless. She speaks of the new geological era we have no entered called the anthropocene. This era is describes how humans now have an influence over the geological part of our world. Nowviskie thinks about this I think in limitations of opposites. She describes old Greek baths as she is wading through the water the shallows and the depths of her own water. And listening to the article adds a new layer of chilling ominous but calming presence. As we are moving closer to everything being digitized she brings up this thought of how DH has to think in Macro and micros and if we look too deeply upon anything we cannot see. Or that something may not have been found. Here I was amateur DHer and I thinking this is all limitless we have all the internet and resources right at our fingertips. This, however, doesn’t seem to be true. We are constantly on the boundary of two opposite things. Seeing too much but also too far down one subject we lose sight of the Macro. How do we find balance of these opposites? We can, on one hand, choose to embrace life as whole or we can choose to embrace the many facets of death falling into the micro of it all. Embracing these limitations, or even just thinking about them, is overwhelming for me. We now have an influence over what we create and what is left and modified by us as humans. We are constantly on the border of getting it all but also losing it all. It is up to us to preserve but also alter the way we think. Who decides how big or small our boundary lines between these opposites? I think it depends on how we think of our influence on our world. But what does that mean necessarily the non-recycler and 3 hour shower-er has a thinner line because they are not thinking about their influence or the DHer in the back that researches on how to digitized manuscripts from an obscure play writer has a larger boundary line because they are preserving thoughts. I think that is the question we are no searching for whether digital or real. What has influence over humans? Who has influence? What can we doe to preserve what we still have but also change the way we think? How do we alter thinking to see everything not just the big picture and the little picture but to everything? We can see truly nothing if we look too close but cannot comprehend if we look too wide. DH can be a big world or a very small one. As with everything we think, say, or do. So many unanswered questions in this post!




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