I think about adaptations and how nothing is truly original anymore and it all comes from a central source dating back hundreds of years. There are no new stories there are new films. Heck, all of the films are sequels or spinoffs of the original content anyway. I was looking a Disney movies and there is going to be a Toy Story 4? What? Also I saw 10 Cloverfield Lane this past weekend and although I had not actually seen the original Cloverfield movie I looked up the contents to get some information on the film. And apparently 10 Cloverfield Lane is a “spiritual successor” to the original film. Meaning that they live in the same dimension but they are completely unrelated stories. We have literally run out of sequels that now we make same universe films. (I’m looking at you Marvel Studios.) How does one capture the same aura of something that is remixed or remediated though? It is not a simple process. In order to remix something you need to capture the original aura of the thing being remixed or remediated. That’s why sequels can be a flop or a hit. When the audience senses that these are the same characters we have come to love we can quickly identify with them. But I wonder what someone who read the original Cinderella would think of the all the remediation of the same story. I have seen some awful reincarnations of that story. But they capture the essence of the film. In the Walter Benjamin piece, he describes the film as one of the most important forms of remediation and how we look at films that can transform a story. In order to do that we must understand the aura around the film. We have to replicate the same energy that the text represents. Now this is quite the task. I see things different then others see and that person may see something completely different. Remediation is difficult to achieve because of how other capture energy. Sorry this post is turning into more stream of consciousness rather than a coherent piece. But the ideas are still coming across well I hope. I like to dabble in remixing music or listen remixes of songs and, I am not good at it whatsoever, I try to keep the words and the message the same keep some of the same melodies and to make the song still relate to whoever is listening to it. I hate when something gets remixed and they through in some random beat and the words don’t match and it makes me want to vomit a little. In order to have a successful remix the aura has to be captured and redistributed within the same contents of the original. Now this can go one or two ways. Awful or great, with little grey area. How does one capture that without losing the original content? Do we always have to please whatever audience we are aiming toward? Is audience the most important piece in creating content? What is true content when it can be remixed and remediated?


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