I was going to call this post #MapRap. Then I realized that it was not in my skill set in order to create a rap about maps.

I thought deeply about the Moretti reading and how he discusses maps. It made me think about the limiting ability of maps. I do agree though that there is an expansive world of maps that can be created. But maps I think are so limited. Now that the world is mapped out it limits us to the confines of the arbitrary lines that control where and who we are. I live in a square and I am told I am a Coloradoan. That seems strange right? I want to know what original cartographers thought about where boundaries are and why they are drawing theses line. The weirdest thing about maps is that we all just blindly accept them. I have a map of Alaska in my room and I like to look at it frequently. What is that place? How did it get that shape? Who explores those islands? For all we know those islands can be fake. But I look at that map and think that is how Alaska has to be. I don’t know why I think that but it’s definitely what I think. Oh yeah that’s a square that’s Colorado. I think maps are super limiting but forceful. I want to study this idea of maps now. Maps are very powerful forces that we don’t think about being powerful but it can limit where we go and who we see. I think we accept the idea behind maps even though we don’t even really know how or why but we know this exist because a map tells us.

Though Maps are limiting and forceful they help us explore the world around us. Maps set the boundaries for us to explore our world. I want to map a novel and see where it takes me. With Google Maps and other services we can explore a world (a real world) and see where a character was even if it’s a little different. But with these technologies they only set a boundary of the real world but what we can do so much with that technology. We can create the worlds of the characters in novels even if they live in a fantasy world. The grounds have been set and we need to just add the data to it. We create a path that eventually leads into a world.

Although maps can be extremely limiting and forceful I think the groups of the idea of maps have opened worlds to people to create their own. What do with maps from here? I would like to think about mapping one of my favorite novels or creating my own world map. What about mapping my mind? What could I find? (Give me a beat) Don’t let maps put you into a bind. To maps we have to be kind. Turns out rapping is in my skill set. But it’s not so good yet.


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