When we started this week about time I became increasingly worried about my mental capacity about time. I try not think about time a lot because it’s just one of those thing I try not to mess with. Have you ever watch a Time Travel movie or a book about time travel? How are the rules established by time in that world? Can I see myself in the past because I have created a new me from a different timeline and I am forbidden to interact with this person? What about the ones were it’s a big rewind machine? Do I just reverse back in time to that place with all my newfound knowledge? These are things I am thinking about when I am actually supposed to be paying attention in class. I could have totally answered that question let me go back a couple minutes. Time is weird. I like to say I try not to think about it. But I know that is dominates a lot of my physical life. I have to be to a certain location, or to work by this time. Oh Austin you have to set a timer to make sure you don’t nap too long. But that is my personal timeline and how I think about my life. I think looking critically at Timelines is different story.

Timelines can be useful for categorizing certain events into a visual that can be seen and understood. I know this usually helped me in my history class. But I think timelines are super limiting as well. Timelines can exist within in another timeline. This even happened only due to that act that this person got to this certain point and was inspired by something on this day and that is why we have grilled cheese. Also something that I have been recently thinking about is that timelines can be very on sided. A lot of times (HAHA I made a joke) the only event that are represented in timelines are ones of the dominant culture of the society. A lot of times we see the white man’s plight to colonize the united states and we are forced to use multiple pictures and colors to represent that. What about a timeline showing the Natives points of view? What happened to them? What was once a bright and colorful timeline representing “manifest destiny” can be skewed to make the tribe attacked and underrepresented. Seems a little fishy they don’t show that in the classroom… Timelines, while helpful visual aid, don’t always take all things into consideration when we look at them. Tannis and I wanted to make a timeline of cellular devices. While that sounds great I had no idea where to start. Do you start with the founder of the company or do you start with the actual device? Manufacturers or concepts?

Like mentioned, timelines can be a great visual tool but depending on how they are used can portray a certain rhetoric for positive or negative. Our view of timelines are limiting because of the gaps and blind spots we ourselves can put into them. For now I think I’m going to not think too deeply in time because time can be frightening and dense. Grilled cheese anyone?



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