I thoroughly enjoyed the use of Story Board. I think provides an easy way to organize some kind of trip or locations throughout the world. The idea that I was trying to think with is tracking a novel. Much like Kristin did with her map of Tolkien’s world, I want to do that for a novel as well. I think the Story Map really lends itself to do this. I would really like to use Story Board to track the different locations throughout a novel. Transatlantic comes to mind that’s for sure. There is a lot of travel and movement through that book. And I think tracking a novel would be an awesome activity and it would help me focus in a on a book by looking at locations and moving them in the map.

I wish there was a way in Story Board to track not just one story but multiple. The connector lines would be different colors that what you could track intersections and thoughts. This would be a good activity for the classroom. The students can track the locations throughout the novel in the class and use evidence in the novel to validate their choices. Story Boards approachable interface looks much like PowerPoint but much more interactive. Then the students can share them in front of the class, as long as they are all different… I don’t want 150 presentations on the same part of the book or character. But that’s something that can be worked out in the expectations.

I have some concerns about it though. I had lots of troubles editing the map once it has been started. Then my points wouldn’t move. In order for it be used in the classroom I think the class would have to have very clear directions so that they don’t lose their map. It could be that Story Map is still very new and needs to just be patched up. Also the connection you have to have with Google drive is concerning because it can access that information which could be concerning for younger students to give that up. Also the Gigapixel concept seems very confusing to me. I shouldn’t need to have an exterior program to make that. But again I haven’t looked much into it and again the site may be newer and needs a few touch ups, all sites need them sometimes.

As I move forward with this idea, I want to explore Story Board more to try and get it to do what I want to do. I want to explore this idea. I think to combine two projects together; we can track the locations of the author we looked at on Orlando. I think through their tagging codes you could easily find the locations and why they moved to those places. Story Board is a good way to present information and to share information as well, whether that means in the classroom or online, or maybe at some kind of conference.


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