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a point where two systems, subjects, organizations, etc., meet and interact.

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a device or program enabling a user to communicate with a computer.

I don’t know how to start this blog post. We have learned so much this week about interface and how easy, or difficult, being part of a digital community. We can be on information overload (Heck I have a watch that tells me to stand up) or find exactly what the message we have been looking for.

Interface it about how the user interacts with a digital space. While right now it is limited to behind a screen, which is not going to be for long because we are already beginning to touch a the digital space when we use an iPhone. And that’s what Johanna Drucker says in her approach at Interface theory in the humanities. The things we touch within our phone (or watch) make us interact with a new window which then leads us to a new window to find information all in a few touches and swipes. We can find all we want in a couple of clicks, taps, or swipes. But the interface matters. How it looks and how it works effects how well we interact with a certain interface.

In Marc Santos’ presentation how looking at Presidential candidate’s websites and Kaitlin’s representing yourself on WordPress presentation showed us how they are use their interface, I thought a lot about how information can be represented on a website. On some of the websites or presidential candidates we have observed they used patriotic colors and pictures that expertly captured their message in for their campaign. They clearly want our vote but their interface says other things. Those messages can be for money or to get the sympathy vote. How do we use our interface while we are representing ourselves on WordPress we need to make sure we are conveying our message in a way they represents the information that we want to convey. It may be difficult to do this with the expertise of a web designer unfortunately.

I’m having a lot of issues feeling inspired by this topic to be honest. What do I say about interface? It’s a way to interact with our digital world. I put the definition up there to re inspire me and keep clear the message I want to say but I feel like there is so much to say that I am having a lot of issues expressing my thoughts. I want to convey the right message and use the right information to portray the information I want. How do you do that though? I have no clue. Kaitlin’s presentation ispired me to start a couple of WordPress sites by myself and I want to represent my self digitally and WordPress provides a good interface for people to interact with and receive information from as well. So do we just become part of the system of interface? Are we the point A or the point B of the interface structure? In some aspects we may be point B where the technology uses us but we may be point A where we control the connection between the two.

My thoughts may seem a little jumbled today because I having some issues wrapping my head around what an interface is and how we se it to display the right information. Some guiding thoughts would be fantastic.


2 thoughts on “#JumbledInterface”

  1. Hi, Austin!
    I’m a little confused as well, but I think that your post nicely summarized why it is that I’m getting confused. (I decided to take this week off from blog posting so I could see other peoples’ thoughts and insights.)
    However, one thing you said that I really liked was “Are we the point A or the point B of the interface structure?”
    I would like to propose that we can be both, which is scary and exciting. It is the breakdown of the division between human and machine. As we become more consumed by the interface, I think the binary breaks down. I am reminded of the website we looked at about women’s prisons. It was all consuming and I felt myself being lost in it. This was a certain type of interface that is more engaging than others, and it is in these that we might become the point A and the point B.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  2. I am glad my lesson and presentation helped inspire you to make your own blogs. I found it pretty empowering to post two of my criticisms on my blog. Sarah taught me how to set up my WordPress, and I hope you guys all learned a lot from my attempting to teach. I hope you figured out the blogroll okay. I also agree with you that interface can sometimes involve technology manipulating us instead of us just manipulating technology. Drucker explained this in her article, and “The Computational Turn” also discussed how we are affected by how we affect our online presence.


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