Memory of Severus

An exciting week though this has been as we begin to dive into the digital humanities, it has also been a time of great sadness and remembering as two of the great artists who have helped define a generation, David Bowie and Alan Rickman, have passed from this world. To add to Kaitlin’s tribute to the former, in memory of the latter, his most famous role as his character experienced it (spoiler warning, of course, for the Harry Potter series):

The greatest honor to the memories of these great artists is to find inspiration in them. In order to aid him in his portrayal of the character, J.K. Rowling confided in Alan Rickman details of Severus Snape’s past prior to the release of the novels that revealed those details. He understood the character’s story “out of order,” and as a result, understood Severus Snape more deeply than nearly anyone else at the time.

The power of the digital humanities, whether for narrative (such as in games), or for information (such as in databases), etc., broadens the application of ideas and information “out of order.” Where books and film are linear, having a strict order, in every application of the digital humanities, the meaning of order changes.


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