So, I should probably mentioned that I’m a nerd, and I talk about video games a lot. That’s really the biggest reason I was looking forward to this class, because I want to find more ways we can look at interactive mediums, like video games, and learn how to use those new forms for storytelling. That’s the kind of writing I’m wanting to do after all. And I could go on and on about this for hours, but I’m not sure how interested people would find my little niche. Nor do I think starting off with some of my concepts would be the best idea since some of the writing I want to do could be considered taboo unless someone considers video games less as games and more as “interactive narrative.” And that’s kinda why I’m hesitant to ramble.

If you’d like to hear me ramble, well, I have done it a lot. Chiefly about this one MMO called Star Stable Online. I kinda have major nostalgia for the game’s CD-ROM prequels, but I also am enamored by the idea of a video game, much less a game that requires such a high social count like an MMO, to focus on the aspects of exploration and passive play instead of being combat focused or a point and click. It changes how we look at the need to socialize in games from traditional parties and raids, as in games like World of Warcraft, to casual exploration and peaceful player interactions. Not to mention, the story is actually insane when you get down to its current canon, and their head of PR is serious a madman. Best development team ever. I also think they have a long way to go, of which you can listen to such ramblings in videos like the one below, and the livestream podcast I’m setting up to start some time this summer.

I guess that also links you to my YouTube channel, StarCrossedGamers, which should eventually also include actual video games I’ve been a part of. For now though, it’s mostly me yelling at a game I’m clearly bad at, and me talking about game theory in various locations, which I guess may include this one as well. Also, that was a completely blatant self-promotion which I should never do again. Maybe if I recommend another channel I’ll probably repeatedly reference my self-promotion won’t seem so obvious. In either case, if you’re even slightly interested in video games, their creation, or the theories behind game creation (so, me, in a nut shell), I highly recommend Extra Credits. They talk about loads of different topics, and really all you need going into it is a knowledge of mainstream video games. Of course, I say that with way more than a basic knowledge of games, so maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration. In either case, they’re really enjoyable, and the videos are short.

And I ended up rambling any way. I knew that would happen. I’ll stop talking now. Thanks for reading.




2 thoughts on “Hullo”

  1. Video game writing is my major interest in applying digital humanities as well. There is so much potential for storytelling in games with their interactivity and non-linearity. Telling non-combat-based stories in games is definitely a challenge and an important question. I’ll admit most of the games I play do involve combat. The everything-is-always-combat problem is not necessarily an issue for the particular types of stories I want to write, but the question of how to make various types of non-combat gameplay engaging in order to tell a broader spectrum of stories in games is something that absolutely needs to be pried open. Also, Extra Credits is spectacular.


  2. I think it is exciting that you do this and you seem to have a lot of followers too. My boyfriend also has a video game page where he makes jokes and pokes fun at bad games and reviews good ones. His is called “The Control Freaks.” I am not too into RPGs myself, but I really enjoy the classic Nintendo games like Mario games, and I really enjoy singing and rock band games, as cliche as that may be. I also prefer fighting games like Mortal Kombat over shooting or racing games. Props to you for putting yourself out there. You are knowledgable and humorous, and I have never made a video of myself for YouTube.


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