An Exciting Journey

I am very excited to learn in this class. The last time I even touched a blog was in high school, but I really do want to pursue more blogs with criticism and I especially enjoy psychoanalysis. I just never knew how to do this professionally and blogs confused me so I decided to go back to paper and focus on that more for college. I did not know that I would end up being able to take a class with digital humanities which have always interested me.

I decided to practice posting media I would post a David Bowie video because I am still very upset about his death, and music is my other passion. This song is a very odd one, but it was released a week before his death and it shows that he was prepared for what happened. It is pretty dark, but it is amazing how it represents a new beginning with an end of a legend. I hope it is not too disturbing.  I cannot think of anything else to post on here yet either; I think the video shall suffice.


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